Meet the Growth Team

We’re a passionate team, committed to cultivating growth in everything we do. No matter if you are a brand new or seasoned client, we want to make everyone feel like part of the family and have an important role in each other’s growth. 


Meet Your Growth Team

Chris Nault
Katrina Horne
Project Manager
Ashley Lilly
Will Davidson
Director of Sales
Ross Goodman
Chris Bialek
Automation Engineer
Ginny Grimsley
Senior Copywriter

Planting the Seed

What started out as a consulting firm back in 2017 to help clients during their shift to a modern sales and marketing alignment strategy, grew to a new type of agency, a growth agency. With bold ideas, an innovation-driven approach to solutions, and reliable infrastructure, Growth Marketing Firm pivoted to a B2B marketing focus in 2020.


Our Roots

Prior to our founding, Chris Nault spent 12 years working alongside companies who were taking advantage of the new marketing frontier, the internet. As new platforms began to develop and software improved, technology was changing quickly and it became increasingly difficult to adapt. An agency that focused on marketing did not provide transparent ROI and without the marketing data, sales consultants could not either. Recognizing that your success fueled our growth in our organization, we evolved our services to focus on a more organic customer experience, the flywheel methodology. This was when our philosophy shifted and a seed was planted that laid out the foundation for our company.

The Growth team exists to help you build your own frictionless machine. Our winning combination of creating a centralized source of truth for marketing, sales, and service continues to be one of the primary needs of our clients. Having watched HubSpot evolve over the years, we joined their team as a Solutions Partner in 2019. That's a tier above the rest. And as such, with access to HubSpot solutions and in-house expertise, it gives us a special edge in providing the best growth solutions.

Transforming into the greenhouse that is Growth today, we are excited to help more companies grow with lead generation, customer acquisition, and client engagement services. We are true believers of the inbound methodology and the need for a modern approach to sales and marketing. As we have evolved, we positioned ourselves as a leader in the growth agency revolution. Our team has expanded while remaining headquartered in the original office building Chris began his journey in 2006, converting his personal office space to our staff meeting room.

Ready. Set. Grow.

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