Growth Celebrates 4 years with Increased Commitment to RevOps

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Oct 1, 2021

(Monterey, CA) Nationally recognized B2B consultancy, Growth Marketing Firm (Growth), turns four years old, and we have so much to be thankful for (#puns). So, this month, we acknowledge where we’ve been, how we’ve evolved, and all the people who’ve nurtured us forward as we work together on our journey. 

Major Milestones in 2021

  • Top 10% of HubSpot Agencies in the World, and are now a Platinum Solutions Partner
  • Our partner roster went global too with new clients in India, Canada, and Brazil 
  • Successfully launched our new Enterprise services 
  • New team members including a Senior Copywriter and Automation Engineer
  • 50+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews
  • National recognition as a Top B2B Consultant from UpCity
  • Leveraged for growth: company structured to take on rapid market share

katrina and ashley laughing at growth marketing office orlando Katrina (left) with Ashley (right) @ Growth HQ in Downtown Orlando. 

Where We’ve Been

Growth got its start on the day its founder, Chris Nault, made his way back to Monterey, CA in 2017. He had lived there as a child, but he took one breath, caught the scent of eucalyptus, and decided immediately: “I’m moving back.”

Chris spent most of his career as a partner of a marketing agency that focused on event marketing in Orlando—and had been running his own business in Orlando early in his 20s.

When he moved to San Francisco, it was the start of a new stage in life. He was running Growth, nurturing clients and his small team in Orlando while simultaneously building new business relationships in CA (often from his neighborhood coffee shop, the Chestnut Roastery in the Marina).

chestnut roastery san francisco california growth officePhoto of Chestnut Roastery in San Francisco. Photo by Chris, 2018. 

How We’ve Grown

In late 2019, Growth was given the opportunity to execute the marketing and Civic Center activation for San Francisco’s  St. Patrick’s Day Parade (an event with over 150 years of history). “It was a big deal for us. It was one of those opportunities that would have put Growth on the map in a big way. It was incredibly exciting.” 

Then the pandemic hit hard and forced the cancellation of events all over the world—including the SF St. Patrick’s Day parade. 

Chris remembers: “Instantly, we had to pivot just like every other organization in the world. What helped us thrive was that all the tools, techniques, and strategies we had been using to run Growth remotely from CA to Orlando (and the way I had been doing it for almost 20 years) was exactly what all businesses needed to understand and implement.”

growth-remote-team-five-meetings (1000 x 563 px)Growth Founder, Chris Nault (middle) with the Dan Tyre’s HubSpot Lion Graduates class of COVID, 2020.

“Suddenly, everyone we knew was asking us how to do it, and we began offering it to our clients who were able to not just survive the pandemic, but thrive through it and change their entire way of working and serving their own customers.” 

At that point, Growth pivoted the business from event marketing to its Hubspot partnership—focusing entirely on automation marketing and the inbound philosophy. 

For Growth, it was that moment when a door opens and you’re willing to walk through it. Our team worked remotely for nearly 16 months.  

  • Ashley, who had been the social media strategist, was promoted to account manager where she truly shined as the bridge between clients and the team. 
  • Ross was building and designing client websites and watching their SEO skyrocket because of it. 
  • Will joined the team to apply his expertise gathering and educating new leads and directed onboarding. 
  • Katrina, an organization and management superpower, joined the team in October 2020 and “Katrina’d this business entirely.” 

We were a tiny, agile team of five changing the way the world worked by breathing our unique combination of balance, speed, and skill.

growth team in 2020 at the growth officeKatrina, Chris, Will, and Ashley @ Growth HQ.

In the spring of 2021, we realized more focus was needed on advanced automation to serve the increased demand in RevOps services and doubling down on the absolutely undisputed fact that high-quality content performs better for businesses. 

We brought on the newest additions to our team:

  • Chris B, Automation Engineer, and
  • Ginny, Senior Copywriter. 

growth-remote-team-five-meetings (1000 x 563 px) (1)Top Row (Left to Right): Ginny, Will, Ashley, Chris B.  Bottom Row:  Katrina, Ross, and Chris N.

Now, when our clients need help growing sales, we are able to build the structure and support they need to manage it. 

Who Helped Us Get Here

Our industry partners, Hubspot, and our clients deserve the biggest thanks for helping Growth grow, together. Trusting us with your business is our greatest honor, cheers 🍻 to our continued partnership!

will and ashley growth marketing orlando hubspot agency partnerAshley and Will showing off our HubSpot Platinum Award @ Growth HQ.

Where We’re Going

Growth's future is in RevOps: helping companies solve revenue problems. That includes breaking down out-of-date systems and putting a new focus on data.

RevOps (short for Revenue Operations) offers a new level of accountability across an organization’s processes, platforms, and people to help a business recreate internal operations, adjust customer acquisition, improve client experience and delight, and establish a company culture that inspires teams to stay and play—all of which grows revenue. 

Other dreams and goals for the future of Growth: what we offer our clients in the way of service is represented by each team member’s talent and skill set, willingness to adapt, and spirit of collaboration. 

We want for Growth is that it grows out from who we are now as a team into teams that work together in exactly the same way, only bigger. Bigger = more people, more service, more Growth

Every day at Growth teaches us something new. As an agile team with this much experience, skill, and respect for each other, we are able to assess when something isn’t working perfectly and shift with lightning speed into solutions that help our clients and partners grow.

chris and katrina laughing at growth marketing firm officeKatrina and Chris @ Growth HQ. 

Love our spirit, grit, and know-how? Want to be part of our bright future? Meet with us! There’s a lot more where this came from!

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