5 ABM Tech Stack Winners

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Aug 29, 2022

So, you’ve got your Account-Based Marketing strategy in its early stages. Congrats! 

If you’re working ahead, you’ve already assembled your key stakeholders and delegated responsibilities, so your sales and marketing teams are in complete alignment with your strategy. 

But how are you going to optimize your team so your flywheel gains momentum for success over time? 

With a best-in-class tech stack, that’s how. 

A person standing with their business team holding a laptop and giving a thumbs-up with a list of software tools for an ABM strategy from Growth Marketing Firm.

To harness as much power as possible from HubSpot CRM, stack the following 5 software tools to give your team the tools it needs for ABM (thus, all-around) success: 

1. HubSpot Sales & Marketing Pro

We could provide you with exhaustive links to our blog posts that show all of the reasons why HubSpot is the right choice for a more seamless Sales + Marketing alignment, but HubSpot is also perfect for the holistic ABM strategy you want to build for your team. 

Here are a few big reasons why:

  • From First Contact to Delighted Customer
    • Create automated workflows for lead nurturing
    • Set up retargeted emails
    • Track communications to keep marketing and sales moving in the same direction
  • Sales + Automation = Success - Create sequences so your sales team can focus on providing your future clients the level of delight they can expect when they become repeat clients
  • Five Super Admin Users +
    • Extra user seats
    • Contact lists

A closeup of a mobile device screen with the HubSpot login screen visible.

Price: ~$2,000/month

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced

Your buyer persona (that you’ve already established in your own ABM strategy) is likely going to have a LinkedIn presence, so it’s important to be present where they are. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced gives your aligned sales + marketing teams a shared view of your ideal customer profile and helps both teams engage efficiently with those target accounts on LinkedIn—the world's largest professional network.  

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced in your ABM tech stack, you can: 

  • Pinpoint Ideal Clients with Advanced Account Searches:
    • Industry
    • Company Size
    • Location
    • Company Headcount
  • Identify Buyer Journeys + Decision Makers Using Search Filters & Smart Links:
    • Industry
    • Seniority Level
    • Function
    • Company Name
    • Company Type
    • Company Headcount
  • Gather Data on Specific Content Your Target Audiences Engage With And Shares - Create and save a list of identified leads who share your content and hashtags and engage with your brand on LinkedIn. 
  • Determine Potential Advocates + Critics Of Your Brand Among Your Target Accounts - Use keyword searches to find advocates (those you’ve worked with before/share your tech stacks + objectives) versus critics (those who work with your competitors/use a competitor’s tech stack, etc.) so time and energy are spent on the exact right accounts. 
  • Calibrate Inbound Website Traffic with Who’s Viewed Your Sales Profiles - If a target account decision-maker goes to your salesperson’s LinkedIn profile and then to your website, that’s green flag buyer behavior that needs attention right away. This tool alerts your teams so they can act quickly and engage in the conversation. 

Price: $149/month for the whole team

3. BrandGen.io

If you’ve ever wished digital advertising was simple, flexible, and scalable as your business grows, meet BrandGen.io. It’s a self-service digital advertising platform for the rest of us. You’re welcome. 

A person typing on a laptop during a meeting with a quote about Account-based Marketing from Growth Marketing Firm. Data points show on the screen of the laptop.

It’s built specifically for B2B businesses that are focused on ABM (even in the cookie-less future we’re all looking toward).  

  • Campaign Flexibility - Utilize lookalike audiences, geo-targeting, retargeting, and more to gain full control over your ABM ad strategy.
  • Affordable for Your Whole Team - Unlock your business from expensive managed ad services and plans. 
  • Simple UX - Build, launch, and monitor ads with or without an agency. It’s lightning fast and easy to use for anyone. 
  • Future-proofed Targeting- When the cookie goes extinct, what’s the plan? Relying on alternative data that’s better for both businesses and buyers. 
  • Built for HubSpot - Gather contacts and data that speak directly with your ads (because HubSpot). 

Price: charges a small % of ad spend

4. Apollo.io

An ABM strategy starts with sales + marketing alignment and leads with DATA. And no one does buyer intent data like Apollo.io. Some quick stats on what they’ve got in their data tanks: 

  • 220 million total global contacts
  • 82 million international contacts (outside the US)
  • 30 million global companies

Account-Based Marketing strategies do best when the data on your target accounts are accurate, specific, and exactly what you need to reach the right people with messaging and sales. Apollo.io fits that high-value bill. 

A few of the features include: 

  • Prospecting + Intelligence - With over 220 million contacts in their database (and the most accurate in the industry), you can prospect with confidence.  
  • Enrichment + Job Change Alerts - Enrich your CRM data with up-to-the-minute data for your target prospects while also receiving alerts when decision-makers change roles so you know exactly when it’s safe to reach out. 
  • Sales Engagement + Analytics - Close more deals with sales engagement features that help sales teams get in conversation with the right people at the right time.
  • API - Grab hold of powerful API calls for your database, systems, or app.
  • Integrations - Plays nice with (and optimizes) LinkedIn, Gmail, Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Salesloft, and more.
  • Security - Dedicated to privacy with ISO, SOC2, and GDPR compliance. 

Price: $99/month/user

5. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup automates personalized LinkedIn messages to drive lead generation, and, when paired with the other technology in our stack (or not), it’s a dynamic tool for any ABM strategy. 

This powerful, easy-to-use tool verifies your prospect’s role in their business and sends them:

  • customized connection requests
  • multiple, delayed, personalized direct messages

The tool sends messages from your browser—on your behalf—which gives you full control and visibility of the activity in your LinkedIn account.

  • Affordable Lead Generation
  • Easy Prospect List Uploading
  • Network Building
  • Auto Messaging
  • Enhanced Targeting Tags and Filters
  • Share + Download Leads 

Price: $149/year

Growth knows that ABM can be daunting, especially when you’re building the strategy itself. Getting your RevOps teams on the same page is hard enough without the right tools to get the actual work done. 

We trust this tech stack to help us serve our clients with the assistance they need to grow their businesses. 

Want to see how we can help yours? Boosting B2B businesses is what we do. Tell us how we can help. We’re right here. 

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