Automation Tools for Each Step of Your ABM Strategy

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Oct 31, 2022

A successful account-based marketing (ABM) strategy requires a lot of coordination and communication between sales and marketing teams, and it can be a challenge to keep track of all the moving parts. 

Luckily, there are several automation tools that can help with each stage of the process, from defining your target accounts to tracking your progress.

Here, we've broken down ABM into its basic steps and shared our favorite automation tools that make it all easier. Let's get started.

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Align Sales + Marketing: HubSpot 

Before you even start to implement an ABM strategy, you first need to ensure that your sales and marketing teams are on the same page. 

And guess what? That can be automated by simply having them share the same data, tools, and systems for setup, implementation, and tracking of your ABM efforts. 

Our choice (of course) is HubSpot

HubSpot CRM is the perfect solution for listing, organizing, and tracking contact information that both teams can interact with and share. 

Big bonus: HubSpot also integrates with all the other tools we’ll discuss here, so all the good account information can be quickly and easily added without anyone getting manual. 

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Define Target Accounts: 

ABM strategies do best when the data on your target accounts are accurate, specific, and exactly what you need to reach the right people with messaging and sales. fits that high-value bill because it leads with DATA. And no one does buyer intent data quite like it.  

Some quick stats on what they’ve got in their data tanks: 

  • 220 million total global contacts
  • 82 million international contacts (outside the US)
  • 30 million global companies

A few of the features include: 

  • Prospecting + Intelligence - With over 220 million contacts in their database (and the most accurate in the industry), you can automate a contact list from which to prospect with confidence.  
  • Job Change Alerts - Receive alerts when decision-makers change roles, so you know exactly when it’s safe to reach out. 
  • Integrations - Plays nice with (and optimizes) LinkedIn, Gmail, HubSpot, and more.
  • Security - Dedicated to privacy with ISO, SOC2, and GDPR compliance.

Engage!: LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced + Kixie

Once you've identified key decision-makers within your target accounts and understood their specific pain points, the hard part is crafting customized messages that will resonate with them at exactly the right time (and on the right channel). 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced

You can automate this process by using account intelligence tools you’ll find in LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced.

It’s our go-to for gathering the information we need to create relevant, engaging, helpful messaging that resonates with what the target audience needs to know. 

Once integrated with HubSpot, it’s a power tool that allows you to track the usefulness of that messaging as well. 

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Kixie VoIP

Kixie is a cloud-based VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service that enables businesses to make and receive calls from their potential customers from a local number to increase sales and conversions. 

Kixie includes features such as: 

  • SMS
  • call forwarding
  • caller ID
  • voicemail
  • conference calling, and more.

Kixie’s powerful sales intelligence and automation features make it easy to target the right accounts and contacts to get the most out of your ABM efforts.

So why should you consider using Kixie for your next ABM campaign? Here are three top reasons:

  1. Kixie's PowerDialer™ makes it easy to connect with decision-makers at target accounts.   
  2. Kixie provides detailed call reporting so you can track which campaigns are working best.    
  3. With Kixie's Local Presence Calling feature, you can make sure your calls look like they're coming from a local number. 


Dux-Soup automates personalized LinkedIn messages to drive lead generation, and, when paired with the other technology in our stack (or not), it’s a dynamic tool for any ABM strategy. 

This powerful, easy-to-use tool verifies your prospect’s role in their business and sends them:

  • customized connection requests
  • multiple, delayed, personalized direct messages

The tool sends messages from your browser—on your behalf—which gives you full control and visibility of the activity in your LinkedIn account.

  • Affordable Lead Generation
  • Easy Prospect List Uploading
  • Network Building
  • Auto Messaging
  • Enhanced Targeting Tags and Filters
  • Share + Download Leads 

Track It!: HubSpot

Do we begin and end with HubSpot? You bet your alpha and omega we do. 

Why? Because it’s a well-rounded tool that automates ordinary tasks with great ease so we can focus on doing our human thing: building relationships that grow businesses. 

What does it do best? Keep track of data, events, and metrics and automate clear, custom (or default) reports that prove the ROI of your ABM efforts. 

Keep an eye on your KPIs and course-correct when needed. Are you seeing the results you want? If not, take a close look at your KPIs and see where you can make adjustments.

Go To It! Need More Help?: Growth

Growth knows that ABM can seem daunting, especially when you’re building the strategy itself. But knowing the right tools to offer up some help with the repetitive or extremely time-consuming tasks takes the scary out of ABM every time. 

And though we're not an automation tool per se, we do make things a ton easier by either augmenting your sales and marketing team or doing your ABM work for you.

Want to see how we can help your business BOOM with ABM? Boosting businesses is what we do. Tell us how we can help. We’re right here.

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