Automations for Each Phase of the Flywheel

Growth Marketing Firm, Sep 28, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Automations are triggered actions that occur automatically when a person interacts with your website or campaign in a specific way. 

They show up in the form of helpful pop-ins, slide menus, and chatbots that ask visitors and prospects to perform an action like sign up for a newsletter, ask for assistance, and connect with a sales rep. 

Automations save time and energy that teams would otherwise spend on repetitive tasks like creating reminders for the sales team when a lead asks a question, updating CRM data, and sending emails. 

These automatic actions can be easily programmed into your Hubspot Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs so that your team can focus on attracting, engaging, and delighting your prospects and customers. 

A collection of gears on a blue background to represent the concept of automations

Just so you know: your automations should work on the flywheel just like your team does. Here’s how. 

Automations to Attract 

Marketing teams have their hands full when it comes to attracting new customers and converting them to new leads. HubSpot Marketing Hub provides marketing teams with tools and automations to:  

  • Simplify Segmentation - Automate your contact segmentation using active lists. Set up the criteria and contacts are added automatically. 
  • Welcome new contacts - Use workflows to introduce your company to new contacts or subscribers. 
  • Put the right message in front of the right people - Use behavior-based workflows to send customized messages. 
  • Promote your next product - Get the word out about your next big launch with email automation.
  • Event confirmation + reminders - Send attendees a confirmation email as soon as they’ve registered for an event. Send reminder emails for upcoming events.

Automations to Engage

Give your sales team a leg up on the competition with sales software and automations that amplify their efforts:

  • Prioritize Prospects - Use lead scoring and intent data to identify best-fit prospects. 
  • Keep track of the next step - Set reminders automatically for the next email, call, or other sales action.  
  • Personalize follow ups - Follow up with prospects with the right message, at the right time. 
  • Simplify meeting set up - Make it easy for prospects to schedule a meeting with you by creating a meeting link. 
  • Lead assignment - Automatically route leads to sales reps based on any criteria like location, territory, deal size, and more.   
  • Generate quotes + pricing - Qualify leads with short answer forms that allow you to deliver a quote automatically. 
  • Proposal Software - Software applications like PandaDoc can integrate with Hubspot CRM to alert you when your customer opens your email or document, how long they spent reading it, and even when they sign.

Automations to Delight 

“Delighting” with “Automations” may seem counterintuitive, but if the point of serving customers is to do so quickly and efficiently, then service automations are a huge win. 

Add friendly, warm, brand-specific copy and imagery to your automations to mirror your actual service team. Modern tools with a personal touch assist your service team to:

  • Help Your Customer Help Themselves - Guide customers through known obstacles with self-serve support like a chatbot or help desk automations.  
  • Follow Up, Post-Sale - Stay in touch with customers past the point of sale. 
  • Capture Feedback - Would your customers recommend your service to a friend? Set up customer loyalty surveys to track your Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, or Customer Satisfaction. 


If your Marketing, Sales, and Service teams don’t have automations on their side, they are at risk of falling behind your competition. 

Growth is a Platinum Hubspot Partner, and we’re never happier than when we get to help our customers build automations that spin their flywheel automatically. Try us.

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