CMS Migration: Why Businesses Are Making the Move to HubSpot

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Nov 3, 2022

HubSpot CMS—a powerful, cloud-based website platform—not only increases the ROI of website design, development, and maintenance, but it also gives your team the freedom to easily produce targeted, optimized, secure content that attracts, engages, and delights your website visitors and customers alike. 

Its benefits far outpace other CMS applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Wix, and Squarespace for many reasons—the top benefit being native integration with HubSpot’s powerful CRM, which gathers the data and analytics you need to let your website live its best life as your 24/7 sales machine and helps you make the best data-driven decisions for your business.

Statistics about the benefits of a CRM to a business.

The data on the benefits gained from HubSpot CRM are staggering: 

  • 29% increase in sales 
  • 34% increase in sales team productivity
  • $8.71 average return on every dollar spent
  • 8-14% shortening of the sales cycle due to access to data through HubSpot CRM

So, connecting your CMS to this kind of power is key to modern sales success.

Take a look at this short list of benefits that make HubSpot CMS migration one of the top goals of businesses for 2023: 

  • Top-of-industry security
  • Embedded technical SEO tools
  • Smart content
  • Drag & drop functionality
  • Massive bank of themes & templates
  • Native integration to HubSpot CRM analytics & data
  • Mobile acceleration with Google AMP
  • Multi-language content creation
  • One login for all digital assets
  • HS Academy certifications & tutorials
  • Delightful user interface
  • Award-winning HubSpot support

If your website was built in a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Wix, or Squarespace: 

  • it’s not capable of driving sales and revenue with automation tools that are standard operating procedures in sales and marketing now. 
  • it’s subject to brand new hacks that cause security breaches that can be devastating to your business. 
  • your marketing team often can’t build content and manage your website and all of your digital assets without the help of a developer.

And all of that slows growth. 

A developer's hands typing code with a quote about why to migrate a website to HubSpot CMS.

With that in mind, you might consider migrating your website to HubSpot CMS to gain all the benefits from that power list and more. 

But that sounds like a lot, right? It can be scary, for sure. After all, that’s a lot of imperative data to move.

But if you have the right team, the right information, and the right attitude, it can be a cinch. 

Let’s dig in. 

What is HubSpot CMS migration? 

In plain terms, CMS migration is the process of moving your website—your blog, landing pages, service information, website copy, and more—from your old CMS to HubSpot CMS. 

Typically, developers are hired to lead the content migration so that all your content and data make it safely from their current spot to their new home in the HubSpot ecosystem. 

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Specifically, a developer would create an XML file to compile data such as blog post titles, URLs, tags, authors, and the content of all your website pages to import to HubSpot CMS. 

How Does HubSpot CMS Migration Work? 

A full HubSpot CMS migration will recreate your existing website—including web content and design themes—inside the HubSpot framework, which takes a few weeks to complete and has a price tag that’s definitely worth it ($8.71 return on every dollar spent on HubSpot CRM). 


Because HubSpot: 

  • maintains your URL structures through redirection throughout the process. 
  • matches metadata to uniform pages and unaltered HTML markups.
  • forwards your domain. 

Sound a bit technical? It is, yes. But that level of tech is imperative to ensure there are no delays or 404 errors (or worse) to frustrate leads or customers or damage your SEO

So, Why Make the Switch? A quote from Growth Marketing Firm that says: "A full HubSpot CMS migration will recreate your existing website—including web content and design themes—inside the HubSpot framework, which takes a few weeks to complete and has a price tag that’s definitely worth it."

Because HubSpot CMS was built to attract, engage, and delight customers and potentials—which is what websites now need to do first and foremost. 

On the back end, you see clear, straightforward reports on how your leads and customers are engaging with your website so you can give them more of what they need and want from your business. 

Besides, the average increase in sales after migrating to HubSpot is 29% making it way worth it.

How the Growth Team Can Help

We know migration can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why our developers are all experts and HubSpot-certified for any situation: to serve our clients with a safe, fast, efficient migration experience and result. 

Guess what else we do? We build beautiful websites that drive sales from scratch, too. Yup! 

Need help with your website project or migration? We’ve got you. Just ask us. We’re right here to empower businesses to grow their own way. 

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