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Booming and Blooming with Growth: Our April Recap

by Growth Marketing Firm, on May 6, 2020 4:22:00 PM

To my marketers, business owners, and operators – thank you! I want to share with you the successes of our past month to keep you motivated and accountable for your own business. We will continue to foster relationships with like-minded people: Hardworking empathetic professionals who embrace the pivot and are hungry for success. Together we will grow. Not by some random stroke of luck but rather by planned effort.

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“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

—Chris Nault, Owner at Growth Marketing Firm

Booming and Blooming with Growth: Our April Recap

Staying creative and fueling new ideas is the growth of a marketing agency. But how do agencies maintain their creative juices as global search engines are now flooded with inquiries related to the COVID-19? The answers lie in the simplest of things with teaching customers and local businesses about the things that are working at this time. And that means digital marketing. While it’s undeniable that the current advertising landscape poses a challenge to agencies all around the world, in tough times you pivot, and as an agency, we saw opportunity out there. So, let’s take a look at how our agency tackled the COVID-19 hardships in the past two months. 

New Growth

The greatest coronavirus strategy response plan in the world is not worth all that much if your team is not behind you. As many teams are waking up to a new reality of working remotely (including us), our team used this time to focus on developing agility as a marketing organization, digitizing processes as much as possible, and using any downtime to boost our capabilities as we welcomed two new team members, Will Davidson and Josh Massanova. Now as a full-strength marketing machine, our team is virtually meeting and working each day on how we can best support you during this time and further on. 

On one end, we became stronger and communicated authentically and on the other end, we developed new and exciting ways to come together as a team. We learned during today’s crisis it’s important more than ever to take care of our mind and body. Yoga with Growth was initiated as a way to bring our team together and connect in a fun way at the end of the week for your not so typical happy hour. And what better way to help keep you grounded while you’re stuck at home then a conscious flow of calmness to balance your mind. 

Don’t Quarantine Your Marketing

In just a few weeks, people have shifted into a safe mood and crossed partisan lines to build bridges within their communities and unify against an invisible force. And as everyone took to taking more precautions and practicing social distancing, we noticed how COVID-19 was impacting the digital marketing world at a rapid rate. However, our team came together stronger than ever to create a new medium of growth in response to business challenges. Introducing BLOOM, a new service designed for all businesses that need to get online fast and have a stronger digital presence. Separated into a series of service suites (Seed, Sprout, Blossom), this new channel of marketing was designed to minimize the headache and increase the bandwidth in your business. With economic uncertainty, it’s difficult to justify any marketing spend right now, but businesses that continue to advertise during recessions bounce back faster and have a quicker recovery than businesses that halt marketing. 

Order 415 x Growth 

Starting off as a simple idea, Order 415  became a platform for more than 100 restaurants to showcase their business during quarantine in San Francisco. Although “shelters in place” orders are still in effect in the 415, our goal for Order 415 was to keep consumers connected to their favorite dining establishments that are opened for takeout and delivery services. In partnership with SF Travel and The Golden Gate Restaurant Association, launching and the official #415day made a difference in helping uplift our Bay Area neighbors through this crisis with an effort to help increase sales and online engagement.

Our Agency is Blooming 

There might be a lot of uncertainty and objections around whether to keep spending on digital marketing during these tough times. But not only are people spending more time online, but they’re also investing in themselves and emphasizing the whole online learning community. Marketing, now more than ever, is about experiences. And businesses that are identifying how they can make experiences better for their customers are succeeding. 

While we might not know when we will be on the other side of COVID-19, we are still working to actively redesign our road maps for our agency and help our clients do the same. Growing the team, creating educational content, developing Bloom, onboarding new clients, keeping current clients happy, collaborating with SF Travel Association, and creating Order415 during this pandemic is just a tip of the iceberg where Growth is determined to excel this year. All of these initiatives helped support clients in a meaningful way during the pandemic and ultimately prevail on top of this all. As our business continues to grow we will continue providing the support that is needed, If you are ready to invest in marketing, we can guide you every step of the way with our team of experts. Let’s see what the next half of the year has in store for us.

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