Building a Micro-Influencer Marketing Strategy

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Aug 30, 2021

Influencer marketing, much like celebrity endorsements, follows a simple premise: A brand works with a public figure to gain new attention and business. 

  • Nike has Michael Jordan. 
  • Vitamin Water has 50 Cent. 
  • Capital One has Jennifer Garner.

Micro-influencer marketing follows the same premise, but on a smaller scale.

What is a Micro-Influencer?

Micro-influencers are social media users with 10K to 50K followers. They’re typically well-known in their specific area of interest and may also be considered subject matter experts. Micro-influencers exist across a broad range of verticals. You name it, and there’s probably someone with an online presence about it.

influencer-tiers-growth-marketing-firm-1Why work with a Micro-Influencer?

Micro-influencers have been shown to have high engagement rates within their niche audience, even compared to larger influencers. They’re known for creating interesting content and having authentic conversations with their followers. Trust and authenticity are key for almost any sale, which makes micro-influencers’ recommendations a big deal. 

Micro-Influencer marketing goals: 


The first step to planning your micro-influencer campaign is to set your goals - the more specific, the better. Your goals likely relate to:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Driving impressions + engagement 
  • Generating new leads 
  • Generating sales

Examples of Micro-Influencer Partnerships

Product Compensation

Not all partnerships are paid. In lieu of monetary compensation, brands may offer products or services in exchange for an influencer’s review or shared experience.

Ambassador Programs

Ambassador programs are extended obligations with a group of influencers who receive set compensation, free or discounted products. 

Pay Per Post Pricing

This common pricing model is straightforward: the influencer is paid a set amount to create a specified amount of content.

Although you will select the influencer based on their profile statistics, there is no guarantee that their audience will engage with the content. It can be a good way to build your content library, but make sure you specify how you can reuse their content in the agreement. 


Hosting a giveaway on an influencer’s page is a great way to increase brand awareness and generate leads.    

Ready to launch your Micro-Influencer campaign?

Before you jump into micro-influencer marketing, be aware that not every brand or product is a fit for this type of marketing.

Social media platforms are ideal for some products, but not all. Managing a micro-influencer campaign—especially one that involves multiple influencers—takes work and careful planning. It’s also important to have an existing social media presence in place before you start. 

With the help of the Growth team of experts, we can create a marketing strategy that fits your brand—from likes to leads and beyond. Need help? Just ask us. Help is what we do.

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