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Ashley Lilly, Apr 13, 2021 2:00:00 PM

Last updated on April 22, 2021

If you think CRM software is just about contact management for your sales team, think again. Business software is quickly becoming a must-have tool for companies of all sizes in every industry. From startups to enterprise-level companies, every business has the opportunity to use a full suite of software built to power the inbound methodology of attracting, engaging, and delighting your customer. And this is where HubSpot stands out, a true all-in-one solution!

Having a centralized system to help build and grow a remarkable customer experience and a Solutions Partner (Us) to help fuel the flywheel model, getting started with inbound has never been easier with Growth by your side.

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HubSpot as a CRM System

When looking through the best CRM platforms, HubSpot stands out for one eye-opening reason: it offers a plan that's 100% free. While the HubSpot CRM is technically its own standalone feature, our team utilizes this platform because it’s what makes so many of the “hub” features function the way we do. Bringing it all together, when these hubs are used in tandem across your marketing, sales, and support teams it allows for a smoother handoff between teams and results in a more delightful experience for your customers. 

Aside from your HubSpot CRM being the heart of your business, let’s dive deeper into the tools each hub has to offer and why over 100,000 companies continue to leverage the HubSpot platform.

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HubSpot Marketing Hub

It’s no secret why our team loves to nurture and delight our customers and as the name suggests, your Marketing Hub is the key to growing your reach and putting your brand in front of your target audience. Whether you’re looking for SEO, paid ad optimization, content creation tools, or social media management, you’ll save valuable time and get all the context you need to provide a personalized experience to get in front of the right people at the right time. 

But that’s not all. The most beneficial aspects of this plan include lead generation of sales opportunities, marketing automation, and analytics. It offers three-tier pricing for businesses that want to capture, track, and convert leads.

  • Marketing Hub Starter, all-in-one software that also includes email and 12 additional features that help businesses grow. 
  • Marketing Hub Professional for more experienced marketers to run complete inbound campaigns at scale with automation.
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise for advanced teams that want to run refined analytics and revenue reporting.

Popular Marketing features:

  • Create, edit, and send bulk emails directly from within HubSpot.
  • Create static and smart lists based on various criteria within your contacts, and use these for personalizing email.
  • Marketing automation helps you streamline processes and grow your business.
  • Ability to create highly personalized content that enables businesses to create SEO-optimized web pages, blog posts, and landing pages.
  • Reporting tools making it easy to analyze the ROI of your inbound strategy.
  • Offers integrations with other HubSpot solutions.

HubSpot Sales Hub

Do you want to drive better results in your business? With direct access to the right data, you can take action to help your sales team improve their sales performance and sell more. HubSpot Sales Hub arms you with all the tools to supercharge your sales process that includes sales engagement tools, configure-price-quote functionality, and sales analytics for growing teams. With the right amount of control and transparency, the sales hub will complement any sales process. Just ask one of our sales experts!

As the second major HubSpot hub, it also offers tier pricing that will help teams looking to get started and accelerate revenue growth.

    • Sales Hub Starter for teams that have never used a CRM before and gives individual reps the tools they need to shorten sales cycles and improve close rates.
    • Sales Hub Professional for businesses that have a ton of quality leads that need to be acted on quickly and to automate their sales process.
    • Sales Hub Enterprise is equipped specifically for large corporations to easily create paperless pipeline systems, robust email sequences, and dynamic dashboards to monitor their sales teams.

Popular Sales features:

  • Automate all your business tasks and personalize the emails without spending extra time.
  • Keep track of your sales pipeline and easily know the current status of your deal.
  • Create a library of sales documents that you can quickly share with your prospects.
  • Create, save, and reuse emails that perform best, and share these with your team, so your communication to prospects is consistent.
  • Analyze and report on the performance of your templates, ensuring that only the most effective are used by your sales team.
  • Automate your sales outreach with sequences to have complete control over your sales cadence.

HubSpot Service Hub

Customers now are less patient and have higher expectations, making it a challenge for businesses to retain customers. Now with tools and features available in the Service Hub, keeping customers happy is the key to better engagement. It is designed to help users engage, guide, and grow customers, to transform average customers into active promoters of your business. By leveraging the entire HubSpot Service Hub, you can break down the fundamentals between marketing, sales, and service and create a better experience for your customers. 

Service Hub also offers tier pricing that easily syncs with your other tools and customer data.

  • Service Hub Starter for teams to get started with essential customer service features like live chat, support tickets, and customer service snippets.
  • Service Hub Professional is a great way to start functioning at a high level and provide resources like knowledge base articles and tutorials to your customers.
  • Service Hub Enterprise gives your team more automation and goal-setting.

Popular Service features:

  • Feedback surveys to improve your product or service over time.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys allow you to collect feedback about multiple aspects of your company.
  • Conversational tools to support requests that go into your inbox to direct customers to relevant knowledge base resources or to a customer service agent.
  • Knowledge base resource library specific to your company’s product or service that offers self-service support for your customers.

HubSpot Operations Hub

Whether your part of a central RevOps team or run operations for your company, Operations Hub is designed to transform the role of operations professionals across the business world and empower them to be at the forefront in excelling in customer experiences. Unifying with Sales, Marketing, and Service, this hub makes it possible to adopt a flywheel of processes that all tie into the same content management system.

In addition, it’s available in Free, Starter, and Professional versions so teams can expand their customer reach.

  • Operations Hub Starter for teams looking to embrace customer field mappings.
  • Operations Hub Professional is a great way to add additional reports, lists, and workflows with programmable automation.

Popular Operations features:

  • Connecting your business apps to HubSpot.
  • Execute code directly within HubSpot workflows.
  • Create custom code actions in chatbots.
  • The ability to sync and clean customer data by eliminating time-consuming cleanup.
  • The flexibility to store and customize all your data.

HubSpot CMS Hub

Your website is the front door to your business. So, if you’re wondering why every company needs a scalable CMS, then you’ve come to the right place. A CMS is the foundation of your marketing, and your overall brand, so it’s critical that you choose the best CMS to enable your success. With HubSpot CMS, both marketers and developers alike have the tools they need to create amazing websites focused on the customer experience. This is why we use CMS hub because it's scalable, reliable, effective, and most importantly, takes the pain out of managing your website.

Popular CMS features:

  • Built-in 24/7 security to protect your website.
  • Fast loading website pages on mobile devices with Google AMP support.
  • A drag-and-drop editor that makes building pages quickly.
  • SEO recommendations to increase organic search traffic to your website.
  • Website themes and templates help to save time and money.
  • Tailor the customer journey to each individual.
  • The convenience of having one single platform and login for digital marketing.

Why 'Go HubSpot' with Us?

We know that was a lot of information about the tools that make up HubSpot, but these are just some of the benefits of why we love and use HubSpot internally and for our clients. As you can see this platform is much more than a CRM. Regardless of the package you choose, you get access to an ample amount of resources and products when you use the HubSpot CRM and its many hubs. As you wrap your mind around everything this powerhouse software can do, book a meeting with our experts today to see HubSpot in action. Are you ready to level up?

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