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by Growth Marketing Firm, on Nov 9, 2021

(last updated May 13, 2022)

According to the research firm, Gartner, only 23% of B2B buyers say their most recent purchase was easy

What does that mean? Payment processes are causing friction, y’all. 

I.e., revenue is definitely being lost through clunky payment processes alone.  

Enter: HubSpot Payments!

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At INBOUND 2021, HubSpot, the leading customer relationship management software company, launched the open beta version of their end-to-end payments solution, and we’re cheering now that it's live.  

“For too long, B2B companies have suffered through painful sales processes that leave customers frustrated and lost revenue on the table,” said Brad Greene, VP of commerce and payments at HubSpot, in the company announcement. 

“That’s why we've built HubSpot Payments to enhance the customer experience rather than slow it down. Because Payments is part of the HubSpot CRM platform, companies are able to collect payments in less time and with fewer tools, creating a more seamless experience for their customers. That’s a win-win for both our customers and the companies they serve,” he said. 

HubSpot Payments Delivers in Fours

HubSpot Payments is a HubSpot CRM integration which means businesses that use HubSpot will soon be able to accept digital payments without tying multiple systems together or writing code. 

That means faster payments without manual processes for sellers and a delightful customer experience for buyers. 

HubSpot Payments does this in four ways

  • integrated tools 
  • automated collections  
  • streamlined payments, and 
  • secure, shared customer data across your teams. 

One Tool to Rule Them All

The B2B buying experience is fraught with friction when a bunch of tools across different platforms get in the way. This is a big waste of time and can even cause some buyers to literally give up. 

HubSpot Payments welcomes your buyer at the end of their journey by delighting them in every possible way. It’s integrated with the CRM which combines your eCommerce data with your customer data, making everything work like a charm for everyone involved. 

Easy Asks!

B2B customers want eCommerce just like everyone else. With HubSpot Payments, payments are streamlined, allowing customers to choose their preferred payment method directly from your website, an email, or even a chat session

When it’s easy to collect revenue, it’s easy to grow it. Delight all the way around! 

Get PAID painlessly

What if you could collect a payment the minute your customer accepts your quote?

Now you can! HubSpot Payments creates an opportunity for customers—even those who love paper checks—to fall in love with change. 

A person wearing a striped sweater making an online payment with a credit card.

This new system makes paying for B2B service as easy as paying for coffee. It works with all major credit cards and ACH payments, and HubSpot is even waiving fees on the first $50,000 of ACH transactions processed through HubSpot Payments each month

Now that’s what we call native change management—even for paper check writers!  

De-silo instantly for THE Customer UX

It’s easier to align your sales, marketing, and customer service to arrive as the true RevOps team you are when everyone has the data they need to create the most delightful customer experience possible. 

HubSpot Payments stacks instant insight on payment activity on top of all the other excellent data your team already knows and loves from HubSpot.  

HubSpot Payments = HubSpot Happiness

HubSpot Payments provides organizations that use the HubSpot CRM with secure, shareable payment links so they can: 

  • digitize payments fully 
  • accelerate revenue
  • empower your teams
  • delight your customers 
  • grow!

Growth is a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, and we know firsthand how much HubSpot can create a competitive advantage for your business because we help our clients implement it and use it every day for revolutionary growth in their businesses. 

With the addition of HubSpot Payments, it has even more power to grow your business than ever. 

Want to learn more about HubSpot and its game-changing benefits? Ask us! Our experts are certified HubSpot pros.

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