HubSpot HUG Webinar on ABM Feat. Chris from Growth

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Oct 10, 2022

HubSpot’s quarterly HUG (HUG stands for "HubSpot User Group") pulls together the top thought leaders from the sales and marketing industry to share what they know with those who want growth in their businesses.

For the October 25 HUG, our own founder, Chris Nault, will be talking about intentionality in the sales process, automation, and Account-Based Marketing with fellow thought leader Alex Meade of Beacons Point

HubSpot HUG Webinar Announcement with a picture of Alex Meade and Chris Nault.

Chris and Alex are both passionate about teaching business leaders how to identify their North Star clients and accounts and cultivate growth by making the most out of their marketing efforts.

Spoiler alert: one of his big reveals will be how to use HubSpot automation to free up your sales team for conversations that truly need a human touch.

As well, that kind of automation delivers the data your teams need to gather a full understanding of where their leads are really coming from (so they can get more). 

Chris + Alex will cover:

Growth’s ABM strategy works like a charm, and if you want the latest tips for how we make that work for us (and for our clients), sign up for the webinar and ask! 

Join the virtual event and get the best of Growth + HubSpot thought leadership.

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