Meet Two of G2's Top Sales Software Heavyweights: + HubSpot

by Rick Barcellos, on Feb 12, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of sales technology, it's rare to find tools that not only meet but exceed expectations—tools that are celebrated not just for their functionality but for the transformative impact they have on businesses. Recent accolades from G2 have placed HubSpot and at the pinnacle of sales technology, ranking them as the first and third best sales tools globally. We've been solutions partner to both companies for multiple years now, and while HubSpot has been at the top for a long time, we've watched grow to earn the incredible title of third best sales technology tool. A Beacon of Innovation and Value's ascent to the top is a testament to its commitment to innovation, affordability, and community focus. Our admiration for Apollo stems not just from its powerful features but from the philosophy it embodies—a dedication to providing unparalleled value to customers. As highlighted in recent discussions, distinguishes itself through five key pillars:

  • The Product is Always the Answer: With a foundation built on relentless innovation and a product-first approach, leads by example in the SaaS industry.
  • Product Led Growth: Emphasizing the critical importance of a Product Led Growth model, showcases the immense revenue potential of this strategy.
  • Give, Don't Extract: By prioritizing accessibility and value over profit, Apollo has cultivated one of the most passionate customer bases in the SaaS landscape.
  • Invest in Community and Customers: Recognizing customers as the cornerstone of success,'s investment in its community is a model for industry peers.
  • The Team: The synergy of an outstanding product, culture, and team results in unmatched results and innovation.

HubSpot and A Powerhouse Partnership

Our strategic choice to integrate HubSpot and into our operations stems from their unmatched capabilities. HubSpot, with its all-encompassing suite of CRM, marketing, and sales tools, enhances our ability to create seamless customer journeys, while's precision in sales intelligence and targeted engagement ensures we connect with the right prospects at the right time. As a Diamond Partner of HubSpot and a member of the Customer Advisory Board, we're not just users but experts and influencers in the development and optimization of these platforms, enabling us to offer tailored, cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

This unique combination of top-tier partnerships and practical expertise with both HubSpot and sets us apart, allowing us to leverage these powerful tools in unison for our own success and that of our clients. Our hands-on experience and strategic insight mean we're perfectly positioned to guide businesses to not only achieve but surpass their sales and marketing goals, proving why we're considered best in the business.

Validating Our Tech Stack: The Power of Partnership and Data

Another testament to the fact that and HubSpot both deserve to be in the top 3 sales software list is the results from our ongoing survey on B2B's Most Effective Marketing Solutions! The results show that and HubSpot are both top ABM software choices according to survey participants:

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Conclusion: Leading with the Best

In wrapping up, our alliances with HubSpot and are more than strategic choices —they're a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in sales and marketing technologies. As a Diamond Partner of HubSpot and an active participant in Apollo's Customer Advisory Board, we're at the forefront of driving and benefiting from advancements in these platforms.

Our recent survey echoes this sentiment, highlighting HubSpot and as top choices for B2B marketing solutions. It's this blend of industry-leading tools and our hands-on expertise that sets us apart, ensuring our clients have the edge they need to excel in a competitive landscape.

Both tools are key to our own strategy and to the success of our clients. The companies themselves are also dear partners, and they both have incredible human beings working within them! Want to explore and/or HubSpot for your business? Ask us how we do it! We're right here. 



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