HubSpot Levels Up Its Service Hub: Everything You Need To Know

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Mar 16, 2022 11:38:06 AM

HubSpot is all about its customers AND yours, so, this month, they’ve dropped some major upgrades to our favorite Service Hub features. Now, it’s even easier to delight the people who drive your business: your service team and the customers they serve. 

As a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, Growth gets an early look at these new features, and we’re excited to be able to share them. And People! Whoa. We’re floored by what's new this month from HubSpot Service Hub, and we think you will be, too. 

A smiling customer experience manager talks to a happy customer in a call center with a quote from Growth Marketing Firm about all the new Service Hub features from HubSpot.

Check out these new features: 

New: Custom Views

Give your customer service team the gift of time: let them build their own views in the inbox so they can focus in their own way for more efficiency. 

Happy agents = happy customers, after all.  

Custom Views allow your teams to: 

  • Build views for different ticket and conversation properties 
  • Use ‘and/or’ operators to open up other view criteria 
  • View, edit, and delete views

New: Mobile Inbox 

HubSpot has really outdone themselves on this one. Like everything else, they’ve built this new experience from the ground up, and integration like that goes a long way to help customers and teams stay reliably productive and efficient while mobile.  

HubSpot Service Hub Mobile Inbox Updates: 

  • Brand new design + improved inbox actions 
  • Better team collaboration tools
    • @ mentions, comments, and email forwarding 
  • Notifications for agent collision and active visitors 
  • Email forwarding from the inbox 
  • New efficiency tools allow you to insert snippets and link knowledge base articles in replies on mobile. 
  • Stronger integration with HubSpot’s mobile CRM: users can now associate contacts with conversations. 

New: Service Analytics 

Two happy customers laugh with a customer experience representative across from a desk with a quote from Growth Marketing Firm about customer service data updates from HubSpot.

Customer Service data helps you make fact-based decisions about how you run your business, and HubSpot is here for it. Gather key insights with industry standard turnkey reports that help you deliver your most efficient, branded customer service to date. 

Service analytics comes with the built in reports you need. That way, you can better understand and resolve customer issues quicker than ever. 

Data report examples: 

  • Post-support survey scores
  • Ticket response time 
  • Overall support volume 
  • Ticket time in pipeline report 

New: Channel Switching 

When you have customers on multiple channels, things can get hectic–especially when the whole conversation has to be documented (which it should be, always). 

Now, when your service team uses the Conversation Inbox, they can switch channels from Live Chat to Facebook Messenger to Email and back again within a single thread–all while saving the conversation history entirely. 

What’s included? 

  • Switch from Live Chat / Facebook Messenger to Email, seamlessly.
  • Save full chat or messenger history over email without losing context. 

New: Post Chat Feedback Automation

To understand your customer’s experience, you have to gather their feedback at every touchpoint, which can be time-consuming and difficult to document. 

Post Chat Feedback is an automation tool built to support your support team. Once a chat conversation has closed, agents can automatically ask for and collect customer satisfaction feedback directly from within the chat. 

New: Service Level Agreements 

A happy customer gives a 5-star review on a mobile device with a quote from Growth Marketing Firm about the new update to SLAs in HubSpot’s Service Hub.

A modern help desk should include SLAs and working hours as a core feature. With this new update to Service Hub, HubSpot launches this most requested functionality (with more to come). 

SLA functionality includes: 

  • Working hours 
  • Time to first response 
  • Time to close SLA 
  • Reporting 
  • Automation 
  • UI improvements to visualize SLAs

New, in beta: Inbound Calling

To be released very soon, Inbound Calling was created to allow customers to receive inbound calls inside HubSpot. It will play a major supporting role to HubSpot’s help desk. 

What will be included? 

  • Admins can buy a phone number from the calling settings page. 
  • Admins can assign a phone number to any user with a paid Service or Sales seat. 
  • Service Hub seat users will be able to answer inbound calls on their personal devices and make outbound calls in HubSpot. 
  • HubSpot CRM will log inbound calls for use across the platform for: 

New, in beta: Conversation APIs 

Conversations is a powerful, real time, omni-channel communication platform in HubSpot Service Hub that allows your service teams to have engaging, delightful conversations with contacts at scale, wherever those contacts wish. 

HubSpot will introduce a suite of APIs to: 

  • Support channel proliferation.
  • Ensure the Conversations platform can scale along with HubSpot customers. 
  • Unlock customer value in Conversations across a variety of use cases. 

For Developers: 

  • Pull information about customer communications.
  • Publish new comments and outgoing messages about customer conversations inside the CRM.
  • Subscribe to events about conversations threads and messages.

A happy customer service representative works in a coffee shop on their mobile device with a quote from Growth Marketing Firm about HubSpot’s update to Service Hub mobile features.

Helpful Extra Additions:

Customer Portal

Your customer portal, now connected to your shared inbox:  

  • Keeps ticket conversations going between customers and reps
  • Offers access to your company’s knowledge base, and 
  • Is customizable to create an optimal customer experience. 

Custom Surveys

Create custom feedback surveys to send to all your contacts with features like: 

  • Custom questions and options 
  • Star ratings 
  • Radio selects
  • Single line text fields, and more.  

Color us orange with delight by all these new tools and updates to HubSpot Service Hub. 

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