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Testimonials That Convert: When and How To Do It

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Jun 19, 2020 3:00:00 PM

Let us fill you in on a little secret: amazing testimonials aren’t just going to land in your lap. The truth is, we have to be proactive about gaining testimonials and lead our customers through this process for their words to really benefit our business. Knowing the importance of having testimonials, this powerful form of marketing or lead generation is a chance to showcase your satisfied customers and a method of marketing your own services. But what are the steps to accomplish this? Before we discuss the whys and hows of asking for testimonials, why are testimonials so important and in order to rocket your business to success?

Testimonials That Convert: When and How To Do It

Testimonials Are Important Because…

They tell people that your product or service is not only legitimate but proof enough that other people are seeing great results from it. They are one of the powerful ways to convince potential customers to go from shoppers to buyers. As consumers, we don’t want to spend our hard-earned dollars on a product presented as far more valuable than its reality. Therefore, testimonials provide the perfect way to bridge that gap in being able to believe in what’s being advertised if we can identify with the source of the information. Positioning your marketing strategies in a way that sells an experience is how our team leads into knowing when to ask our clients for testimonials. 

When to Ask for Testimonials from Clients and Customers

Getting glowing client testimonials and rave reviews can be boiled down to a single word … asking. And the nature of your product or service dictates when you should ask your clients and customers for a testimonial. Although there are many opinions on when you should ask for a testimonial from a valued customer, we have seen the most success when asking right after purchase or service is completed. The timing really depends on the nature of your relationship with the client, the level of interaction, and how long it takes for them to assess how we produced their final product.

Put Asking For Testimonials Into Your Workflow

Now that you understand how powerful social proof can be and the various types of customer testimonials you can use, it’s time to go over how to get effective customer testimonials that speak to your brand’s strongest selling points. Depending on products or services, you can choose to ask for testimonials personally or automate a system for requesting feedback.

Here are some of the most effective testimonial questions to ask in your process:

  • What is the one reason you would recommend our product or service to a friend, family member, or coworker?
  • What problem(s) were you experiencing prior to your order that you hoped our product or service would solve?
  • How did your search for a solution begin?
  • Among all other options, why did our product or service stand out?
  • What particular feature made you want to buy our product or service?
  • What particular action from anyone on our team exceeded your expectations?
  • Is there anything we could have done to better serve your needs?

In Conclusion, Things To Consider

Asking for testimonials is as varied and nuanced as it is straightforward but it can make a big difference in growing your business and acquiring new customers. Not only do they help humanize your brand by adding a tangible confirmation of your selling points, but they can lead to a shorter sales cycle and increased ROI. And with all of the strategies that you’ve come up to sell your product or service, a little support from real-life examples, and testimonials provide just that.

With testimonials being such a powerful tool, it can easily be one of your most productive and profitable channels for any new business when you make it a part of your everyday workflow. And from that, your business will flourish. If you are looking for a helping hand with your testimonials, get in touch with our team today. We have mastered the art of asking for testimonials, now with 0% awkwardness.

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