The Launch of HubSpot Operations Hub

by Ashley Lilly, on Apr 21, 2021

Entering at center stage: HubSpot Operations Hub

Designed to help your company run better so you can grow better, HubSpot continues to make strides in investing in its suite of tools, enabling us to innovate faster and solve for our customers. With the expansion to its crafted CRM platform, HubSpot has now launched Operations Hub or Ops Hub.  A product designed to transform the role of operations professionals across the business world and empower them to be at the forefront in helping deliver friction-free customer experiences. 

"Operations teams are the unsung heroes of our industry, They carry the responsibility for managing the systems, processes, and data that keep a scaling company running every day.” - HubSpot's EVP of Revenue Operations Alison Elworthy.

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Introducing Operations Hub

As the latest member of the HubSpot family, joining the likes of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and CMS Hub, this entirely new hub brings new functionality and cleanliness to the world of data. It allows teams to automate customer data, extend data performance, and integrate to other tools all natively inside without third-party applicators. This in turn makes HubSpot become a true powerhouse CRM platform and paves the way to limitless possibilities. 

Let’s take a look at the key features and what they  mean for HubSpot users or new members of the ecosystem:

Data Sync 

Adopting data sync tools will make it easier to integrate your existing tech stack in an easy, no-code package. In other words, you can have a seamless way to share data between HubSpot and other apps while keeping your information in both systems consistent and up-to-date. Operations Hub data sync takes the inefficiency of connecting too many third-party tools by creating unity into your HubSpot portal. 

Data Quality Automation

Everyone longs to export data without any missing properties or filters. But until now the only way to clean up your data was to export it to Excel and clean up your process that way. Now with Operations Hub, you can eliminate time-consuming data issues by workflow actions. This then allows your team to be able to fix properties like dates and first names all in your hub so you can have more control over other immediate work. 

Programmable Automation

If you've ever wanted to create a workflow action that didn't exist, now you have the chance to create it yourself. Operations Hub Programmable Automation in workflows and chatbots gives you the ability to create custom actions. For example, think of it as creating new territories for assigning actions to your sales leads or updating deals.

How to use Operations Hub for your business?

It’s no secret HubSpot stands out as a true all-in-one solution that helps all teams deepen their relationships with customers and provide a best-in-class experience. As Platinum HubSpot Solution Partners, our team is excited to think creatively about ways we can help supercharge your business’s growth. Granted Operations Hub is still a newcomer to the HubSpot family, the excitement to have a unified revenue operations team working together in tandem with business growth is what it’s all about. 

If you would like to find out more about the new Operations Hub or looking to scale your business with confidence, book a meeting with our team today to learn how you can bring this new customer experience into the mix.

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