The most common service terms around ABM for new Growth customers

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Dec 20, 2023

At Growth, we specialize in offering bespoke ABM services that harness the power of targeted communication and data-driven strategies. Our clients often have questions about the nuances of our services, from how we utilize implementation hours to maximize efficiency, to the intricacies of RollWorks campaigns, strategic account identification, and the crafting of impactful email sequences. This blog post delves into these frequently asked questions, offering insights into our ABM methodology and how it can transform your business’s approach to marketing, ensuring a focused, effective, and ROI-driven strategy. 

Frequently Asked Questions                                                              

Q: What are implementation hours?

A: At Growth, we employ implementation hours with precision to ensure top-tier service delivery while quantifying maximum service time. These hours are commonly allocated for but not limited to Data Synchronization, Campaign Creation, Software Implementation, Training, Reporting, and Data Integration

Q: What is a RollWorks Campaign?

A: RollWorks campaigns are a crucial part of our go-to-market (GTM) strategy, utilizing RollWorks as our primary software platform for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) ad deployment. These campaigns are diverse, each defined by its unique function to cater to different aspects of targeted advertising.

Q: What is a Strategic Account?

A: A strategic account is a company or entity identified as highly valuable to your business, based on specific criteria established during your implementation phase. We define these accounts by developing an 'Ideal Company Profile', which incorporates various signals and intent data to pinpoint organizations that align with your successful selling patterns. This process ensures that our focus is on companies most likely to convert and bring significant value to your business, optimizing your sales and marketing efforts for maximum efficacy and ROI.

Q: What are Strategic Leads?

A: Strategic leads are specific contacts within your approved strategic accounts, identified through a detailed alignment process between sales and marketing during the implementation phase. These leads are defined based on buyer profiles or personas that closely match your ideal customer. By focusing on these personas, we ensure that our engagement is targeted at the most relevant and potentially fruitful contacts within each strategic account, enhancing the effectiveness and precision of your marketing and sales efforts.

Q: Can you explain the structure of your email campaigns?

A: Our email campaigns are meticulously designed for each user, typically focusing on one primary campaign in their unique voice/tone. This primary campaign comprises several 'waterfall' email sequences, which are structured to guide recipients through a progressive series of communications. Each step in these sequences includes up to four variants of the email. This variety not only enriches the content but also plays a crucial role in preventing spam triggers. By diversifying the emails, we ensure higher deliverability and engagement, making our campaigns both effective and compliant with best email practices.

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