Top 6 Benefits of Canva for Marketing Teams

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Mar 8, 2022

In November of 2020, Canva launched real-time collaboration tools for teams that were suddenly working remotely during the first year of a crippling pandemic, and, just like that, marketing teams and creatives all over the world could gather around a shared project from wherever they were. 

A graphic designer working remotely on a desktop computer in a home office with plants and natural light.

It felt just like the good old whiteboard again. 

Because it was designed that way. 

Now, designers, writers, production teams, and project managers can work together to create stunning digital assets from trending memes to powerful ebooks in real time. 

Canva tools not only pull the Growth team together, they also help us build our brand while sharing what we know through the exact right designs. 

Why do we love Canva? Let us just BEGIN to count the ways. 

  1. Integration
  2. Accessibility
  3. Collaboration
  4. Organization
  5. Functionality
  6. Agility

1. Oh, the Integrations with your tech stack!

Canva sits right at the heart of our marketing team’s toolkit because it plays well with all our favorite software: 

Canva connects directly into social media platforms and Google Ads to make all the right connections, too. 

2. One word to rule them all: Accessibility

Online and off, Canva is accessible everywhere for teams that use it. 

Designs on the platform can be shared with an invite or a link–or printed from anywhere (or through the platform)–and they only have to be designed once instead of one design for digital and another for print.

Designs can be repurposed easily and quickly with easy-to-use features that involve only a few, simple clicks. 

Remember when resizing with the right resolution for every platform and purpose cost your team hours of work? With Canva, those days are gone. 

  • Easy Resizing: One-click resizing from one document type to another
  • Print It: They sustainably print your collateral with delivery + pick-up options
  • Every Device Works: Design on desktop, mobile, and the Canva app

An artist using an easel to create a graphic design on canvas in a home office with plants.

3. Work Together, even if you’re not “together”

If your team is made up of 2 or 2,000, Canva makes working together a true team effort. As other team members work on a project, you can actually see designs taking shape as they move images, add text, edit video, and animate the whole thing. 

When you’re remote and on a Slack call or Google Meet, you can communicate ideas while drafting a design, then edit a design together with true, real-time collaboration on any device–which helps build strong teams as well as a strong brand. 

  • Review and approve designs on the spot.
  • Provide live feedback on any project from anywhere, on any device.
  • Instant notifications for design communication within the editor so you never miss a comment. 

4. Ducks in a row? Check!

Keep your marketing collateral organized and perpetually easy-to-find by every member of your team–even if they’re working on separate projects at once.  

Create and customize a folder for each project, client, social media platform, campaign, brand, buyer profile, and more. 

Your folders and dashboard can be customized to fit the exact way you organize your work in your specific business.  

5. Drag + Drop Branding

You heard it right: drag and drop! 

Canva’s Brand Kit allows you to store your logo, fonts, and brand colors in an easy-to-find and access folder that stays constantly on the left menu bar so you can drag and drop those assets into any presentation deck, sales proposal, email template, and more. 

It even allows you to store and use multiple versions of your brand for different buyer personas. 

6. Agile is as Agile Does

When your entire team–no matter their design experience–can work together or individually to brainstorm, share, pitch, produce, publish, and deliver designs and campaigns, they are empowered to be agile and launch campaigns with lightning speed. 

Canva is designed to help them do that. And when people are agile, businesses are agile.  

Speaking of an agile team: Growth! If you’re looking for a marketing team to drive sales for you or a team to fill in gaps you might have in your own team, we’re quick, brilliant, organized, and proven. Give us a shout

Let’s “talk growth” for your business. 

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