Top 5 Benefits of HubSpot Sales Pro

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Sep 22, 2022

As the sales landscape continues to change—and as more business leaders recognize and utilize Account-Based Marketing as their go-to growth strategy—sales directors are looking for new ways to help their reps close more deals with their North Star clients. 

One tool that does just that (and more!) is HubSpot Sales Pro.

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HubSpot Sales Pro is a next-level sales acceleration platform that helps sales teams close more deals with the right customers in less time, plain and simple. 

HubSpot Sales Hub has 3 tiers to fit every need, and though they all offer similar benefits, the Pro tier is for a more settled team that’s ready to go with up to 25 sales reps. 

Let's get into the top 5 benefits right this minute:

Automate Sales Processes

Sales can be a difficult and time-consuming process, so when you can take the administrative aspect out of it, there’s more energy and time for building relationships with all the leads this tool can generate. 

HubSpot Sales Pro can help sales directors help their sales teams increase sales and revenue by providing reps with tools to automate and improve their sales processes.

HubSpot Sales Pro allows reps to:

  • Quickly connect with leads through automated email sequences and personalized contact lists that are linked to HubSpot's world-class CRM and ecosystem, so they never lose an opportunity for a conversation with a prospect.

  • Access powerful reporting features and dashboards that give real-time insights into which areas of the sales process need improvement.

  • Automate tasks and reminders that help keep the sales process on track.

  • Call automation + sequencing that only notifies your reps when someone answers the call.
  • Huddle with a team as large as 25 reps with multiple pipelines (Enterprise allows for even more than that).

Overall, HubSpot Sales Pro can save reps a significant amount of time and effort while also helping them close more deals thanks to its many features designed specifically to streamline, track, and take the friction out of the selling process.

Increases Productivity

HubSpot Sales Pro increases efficiency and productivity by streamlining and automating tasks and providing teams with access to valuable, shared data and resources that allow them to focus time and energy on doing what they do best: building relationships with prospects and closing deals because of it. 

This includes features like:

  • Native CRM customization (even for specific products libraries)
  • Real-time website engagement and email tracking with smart notifications (even track clicked links on your website)
  • Virtual document storage vault
  • 30+ hours of calling time per user per month (with options for more)

In addition, they will have the information they need at their fingertips to make decisions quickly and confidently.

As a result, efficient sales processes lead to increased productivity and better outcomes for both the salesperson and the company.

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Builds Relationships + Trust

HubSpot Sales Pro gives salespeople the ability to track customer interactions and activity so they can build better relationships with prospects and customers to keep that flywheel spinning toward growth.

How does it specifically help build relationships? Let's take a look:

  • Salespeople who use the tool stay organized and have a clear overview of all their interactions with their prospects over time which helps them plan future interactions.

  • Because interactions are tracked clearly, it's easy to identify potential issues early on and take proactive measures to prevent them from turning into bigger problems.

  • Sales teams who use it gain valuable insights they can use to further customize the approach they take with each individual prospect on the buyer journey.

  • When sales reps have the ability to track conversations and data clearly over time, it builds trust between the salesperson and the prospect which creates opportunities for upselling or cross-selling down the line.

Enables Data-Driven Decision

Sales data can be a powerful tool for understanding and improving sales strategies, but only if it's used effectively.

With a clear dashboard and customizable reports, HubSpot Sales Pro gives sales directors and reps greater visibility into their sales data to help them make better decisions about their sales strategies.

At the pro level, HubSpot’s reporting algorithms give your team more detailed insights into your prospects, which is exactly what you need to create and maintain conversations with your North Star prospects through an ABM strategy for growth. 

By giving sales team members the ability to see how their individual sales are performing in real-time, HubSpot Sales Pro provides the information they need to make informed decisions that can improve performance and results.

Provides Resources + Community + Support

When sales teams have access to valuable resources, support, and community, it enables success in every other aspect of their lives.

Through HubSpot Academy and Knowledge Base, sales reps have access to guidance on up-to-the-minute best practices, strategies for success, and opportunities for learning through certifications that help them help customers, prospects, and each other.

Additionally, HubSpot Sales Pro users have access to the HubSpot Community portal where like-minded HubSpotters offer advice and support throughout the HubSpot ecosystem.

Need More Reasons? We’ve Got ‘Em

As the leader in the sales software industry, HubSpot's Sales Pro tool is a game-changer for sales teams because it provides them with access to HubSpot's powerful CRM features, lead management capabilities, and secure sales intelligence data. 

As well, it provides smooth integration with HubSpot marketing and customer service hubs for even more insights and tools to grow your sales, teams, and organizations. 

It also offers a number of integrations that make it easy to use with other sales and sales enablement tools like Salesforce, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced, and every tool in our ABM tech stack.

With so much to offer, it's no wonder that HubSpot Sales Pro is the top choice for sales directors and teams.

If you're looking for a way to improve your sales numbers, as HubSpot Platinum Solution Partners, we're the HubSpot Sales Pro experts. Our team is certified to help you get your sales team up and running quickly. Tell us what you need. We're right here.

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