Top 5 New Tools from Canva Creates 2022

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Sep 28, 2022

The Growth team uses Canva for so many of our design collaborations because it makes it so easy to create beautiful, compelling marketing assets as a remote (or in-office) team, so there was no doubt that we'd be tuning in to “Canva Creates 2022: The Future Is Visual” to get a look at the new Canva tools to come—their biggest changes to the platform in over a decade. 

And the new tools were so exciting and helpful, we couldn’t resist sharing them. 

Take a look at our top five. 

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1. Visual WorkSuite 

During their 90-minute presentation, Canva showcased their new Visual Worksuite which is a toolbox of both new and old (but updated) tools that they’ll be offering for free on their platform to help teams like ours do more with design, video, presentations, text, and more, together—including all the new tools outlined below. 

2. Canva Docs

Reminiscent of Google Docs with an added kick of image and design functionality, Canva Docs allows teams to create documents that bring together everything you love about Canva. 

You can now add images, videos, gifs, illustrations, and more from Canva’s library of over 100 million files to your text documents—as well as embed all the new designs that you build yourself on Canva’s platform—including whiteboards, banners, comments, and more. 

3. Canva Website Builder

Right in step with the growth-driven design method of creating websites comes the new Canva website builder tool that allows you to build a website in a matter of minutes with no coding. 

Using Canva’s library of visual assets and templates, it’s easier than ever to publish a responsive website, landing page, team resource hub, event invitation, or portfolio with its own URL, hosted with Canva’s free domain, your existing domain, or a brand new one that you can purchase through Canva. 

Of course, HubSpot CMS + Growth is just as easy, but we’re biased

4. Infinite Whiteboards

Yep, that’s right: infinite. 

Canva’s new whiteboards tool gives you all the space your imagination needs to collaborate, build, present, create, and design whatever your mind can dream up—just like a whiteboard in an office where everyone works together with post-its and markers, only infinite. 

And that means that even the largest of teams can work together to map ideas in real-time. 

They even added name-display cursors, synced timers, diagramming, and flowchart tools to their new workshop templates. 

Our whole team can’t wait to use it together. 

5. Video Background Remover

And the star of the show (in our opinion) is the video background remover. 

We’ve loved Canva’s background remover for still images because it’s instant, easy, and creates a beautiful product, so we were over the moon about the fact that we could now do this with videos as well. 

They added more features, customizations, and animation tools, so creating video content just became that much easier and way more fun. 

The future is indeed visual – and even more so when your whole team uses Canva to collaborate on big designs, communication, and ideas. 

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