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Working From Home 101: 5 Apps To Help Increase Productivity

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Mar 31, 2020 2:36:00 PM

Everyone could use a good productivity tool or three and with COVID-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the world, teams, and businesses everywhere are moving to remote work from the comfort of their home. Every day, there are more web, mobile, and desktop apps, as well as gadgets, designed to help remote workers and as it grows in popularity during these vital times, the need for work tools becomes more apparent. Whether you call it remote work, telecommuting, or having a distributed workforce, it’s on the rise and our team has handpicked all of these applications for flexibility and features to enable you as an ultimate remote worker. 


If you’re wondering how your team can maintain communication, manage projects effectively, and share work quickly when each person is located in a different timezone, here are our top 5 favorite apps and tools that make managing and collaborating with a remote team easier.

Stay Connected

1. Slack

Our team swears by this incredibly popular communication tool. Combining text, audio, and video featured into one convenient package, you can hardly find an office where that iconic message notification sound has never been heard. 

There’s a ton of integrations to make it easier to streamline your communications and you can create channels for different teams or topics, so every piece of information will have its own place. Not only can it be integrated with hundreds of apps but our favorite thing about Slack is that you can have a conversation with yourself. As funny as it sounds, its one feature to utilize to keep all your work-related notes in one place especially if you to be on the go and use it on your phone. 

2. Google Hangouts Conferencing

When meeting face-to-face is not an option, let’s have a chat on hangouts! From morning meetings to end of the week regroup, this feature within Google Drive helps the team talk about tasks that need more explanation and do screen shares to show the person sitting on the other end how to do something. Nothing beats face-to-face action with your team so whether you’re huddling the team together for a brainstorm or doing daily check-ins, Google hangouts are the way to go. 

Work Better Together

3. Trello

If you’re a visual person, Trello is one of the best apps to help you organize tasks and see the progress of your team members and we love to use it for all updates. Based on the Kanban methodology, it’s a great top-line project management tool and a to-do list tool that you can use to visualize projects and customize all cards to your liking. Reminders, comments, labels, and other features make it a great organization tool for yourself and your entire team.

File Sharing Solutions 

4. G-Suite

If you need to share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or other files, do yourself a favor and create them in G Suite. Working remotely for us, there has never been a time where we don’t open up a Google Doc or a Google Sheet. If you’re wondering what all falls under Google’s impressive suite, yes Google Drive is where it all falls under. These business tools are particularly useful in collaboration software for remote teams and the one perk is being able to see changes from others, edit each other’s written work, and add comments to ask questions or clarify ideas.

Here’s a bonus tip: Integrate Grammarly extension into your g-suite and reduce any messy grammar for all your writing as you go, it’s a savior!

5. Dropbox

Dropbox led the way in file sharing. As one of the most popular online storage and file syncing tools,  Dropbox is easy to use and lets you store your files work files online, so you can access them anywhere at any time. A basic Dropbox account with 2GB of storage is free, but if you’re like us there are paid versions that add more storage and advanced management capabilities. While a lot of businesses use Google Drive to share files, Dropbox allows you to share files with people outside of your organization.

Bonus Tips

Communication and collaboration don’t always have to happen in real-time and one of the biggest benefits of online collaboration with your team is letting everyone know what’s going on regardless of time or place. When you work remotely, you have the freedom and the flexibility to do your best work in an environment that suits you and sharing these core apps is what our team lives by. You’ll always need fast internet, communication tools, and other apps to stay productive so we narrowed it down to the elite.

Now it’s your turn: what are the must-have productivity tools you turn to regularly for you or your business?

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