HubSpot Updates: April 13, 2023

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Apr 12, 2023 8:18:09 PM

Growth is back with some exciting HubSpot updates and new features coming your way for the week starting April 10, 2023.

Whether you're a HubSpot expert or just starting out, these updates are designed to make your life easier and help you better serve your customers. 

Let's dive in!

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In Beta Now

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Saved Views & New Filterable Properties in Lists [Public Beta]

Are you looking to manage your lists more effectively? HubSpot’s made three major changes to help you do just that. 

With the new “Saved Views” feature, you can create customized views of your most important lists, making it easy to focus on what matters most. 

Plus, you can even export these views for further analysis. 

They’ve also added new filterable properties to help you find the critical lists you need quickly, such as: 

  • 7-day change
  • Last Record Added At
  • Last Record Removed At

Lastly, the “Recently Deleted Lists” section has been updated to include lists with no new members in the last 60 days, keeping your workspace clutter-free.

Forms Multiple Payment Links [Public Beta]

It's now easier than ever for your customers to make payments through your HubSpot Forms

With the updated Payment Forms, you can include multiple payment links on a single form. This way, visitors can choose their preferred payment method and be redirected to the corresponding checkout page. 

Offering multiple payment options has never been this simple. Thanks, HubSpot!

Create and Send Payment Links from Contact, Company, and Deal Records [Public Beta]

Collecting payments just got a whole lot faster. HubSpot now allows you to create and send payment links directly from contact, company, and deal records. 

This streamlined process takes only 10 seconds, a significant improvement from the previous 3-minute average. 

With this new feature, you'll get paid faster and always know when your buyer has completed their payment.

Add Conditional Logic to the Create Record Form [Private Beta]

Ready to make your record creation process more dynamic? 

HubSpot now lets you add conditional logic for enumerated properties in the create record form for contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects. 

This powerful feature allows for smarter and more targeted data collection, ultimately improving your business insights.

Live NOW

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Edit Next Payment Date of Subscriptions [Automated Rollout]

Managing subscription payments has never been easier, thanks to the latest update to HubSpot Payments

You can now modify the next recurring payment date for subscriptions without having to cancel and recreate them. 

This highly-requested feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to provide more flexible payment options to their customers.

Restore Deleted Discount Codes [Live]

Mistakes happen, but with this new feature, you can now restore deleted discount codes in no time. 

This addition ensures that your promotional efforts remain on track even if you accidentally delete a code.

Meetings Data Now Available in Customer Journey Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your customer's journey with the integration of two types of meetings data in Customer Journey Analytics. 

You can now track "meetings booked" and "meetings outcome" changes, helping you better understand and optimize your customer interactions. 

With proper filtering, you can monitor scheduled meetings, no-shows, and more.

The April 2023 updates for HubSpot are all about making your life easier and helping you serve your customers more effectively which tracks for HubSpot. 

Whether it's better list management, streamlined payment options, or enhanced customer journey analytics, HubSpot's got you covered. 

Keep an eye out for these exciting new features and get ready to take your business to new heights.

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