Engaging Content: How It Brings Value to Your Business

Ashley Lilly, Dec 15, 2020 4:00:00 PM

If you’ve been asking yourself: “Is engaging content valuable for your business?”, the answer is a resounding YES! “Content may be king” but it is only one part of the equation for successful campaigns designed to attract and delight your customer. As one of the most effective methods of growing audience engagement, developing your digital presence, and driving sales, engaging content is a mission-critical growth method we consider a core service in our agency. But what does it mean to create engaging content? Let’s go beyond traffic generation and share reasons why your business should be investing in creating engaging content that is also SEO-driven. 

Defining ‘Engaging’

“Engaging” content is content that entices prospects, customers, or community members to take any action, however broadly defined. It provides a clear ‘Return On-Time Spent‘ consuming the content. Ideally, the engagement inspires conversation, whether with peers or with the company that produced the eBook, white paper, social media, video, blogs, or other content. And with the right approach, you can regularly create content that leaves a strong impression.

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The Value of Engaging Content

From where we sit today, consistency in brand messaging is one of the many factors that determine the growth and success of your business. As the industry continues to grow, and more brands see results from content and gain momentum, traditional advertising will faint into comparison. Here is how engaging content can bring another layer of value to your business.

  • Engaging content can help increase brand awareness.
    Prospects and buyers want peace of mind in knowing that they are dealing with true experts. This is another reason why creating valuable content is important. It helps you establish your brand as a leader in your industry, which builds brand recognition and fosters trust among your customers and leads.
  • Engaging content can strengthen your customer relationships.
    Your job as a marketer doesn’t end after you have closed the sale. The art of nurturing and helping our clients is what we live and breathe at Growth. Dialing in your content and incorporating a strong content strategy is a great way to build stronger relationships with your existing customers and critical to the success of your business.
  • Engaging content generates return visits to your website.
    How often have you saved a great website in your bookmarks to refer back to later? We all do. By providing compelling content that adds value for the visitor, you become a trusted resource, your credibility builds, and the opportunity for website conversions is enhanced.
  • Relevant and informative engaging content helps build SEO.

    Engaging content can also help take your SEO to the next level. The more consistent, high-quality content you produce, the better it'll be for your SEO.

Give Your Content a Growth Experience

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Creating content is easy, but creating impactful content that is purposeful without faltering in engagement may not be. In today’s digital marketing world, our agency optimizes content by improving marketing campaigns, lead conversion, and social engagements. Making everyday content that is high-quality and engaging is one of the most effective content strategies you can make to align your business-customer relation. While offering your audience a new perspective, interesting knowledge, inspiration, a good laugh, or something useful, Growth is here to carve out a content marketing plan that is tailored to your business. 

If you want your audience to take notice and take action on your brand’s content, book a meeting with one of our digital experts today!

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