Top ABM Statistics + Why They Matter

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Oct 26, 2022

As the demand for personalized marketing continues to grow, account-based marketing (ABM) has become one of the hottest topics in the industry. And we’ve been talking about it a lot at Growth because we just launched it as one of our new service offerings (and it’s WORKING!) 

Refresher: ABM is a strategic approach that focuses on key accounts instead of individual leads, and it’s been shown to be especially effective in B2B marketing.

If you’re considering implementing an ABM strategy, you’re probably wondering what kind of results you can expect. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a list of the top statistics on ABM.

The Top ABM Statistics

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67% is how much your deal closing rate can increase with sales and marketing team alignment through ABM.

Instead of casting a wide net and hoping you reach your ideal customer, ABM strategies target handpicked accounts you want to do business with.

This way, you can create customized messages and strategies for each one. The result? A more personal approach that leads to better relationships – and ultimately, more sales.

It's a Revenue-Building Machine

91% of companies using ABM increase their average deal size, with 25% of those companies reporting an increase of over 50%.

By its very nature, account-based marketing focuses your team’s efforts on fewer accounts than traditional demand generation tactics. 

But don’t mistake “fewer” for “smaller." We’re talking about going after bigger fish here! 

And because everyone on your team knows exactly who they should be targeting, there are no wasted resources or duplicate efforts. Everyone knows what needs to get done and when it needs to happen – making things run like a well-oiled machine that can’t help but drive revenue through the roof.   

It's a Team Builder

82% of B2B marketers said ABM greatly improves the alignment between marketing and sales at their company.

The alignment of marketing and sales is the hallmark of any workable ABM strategy. Without it, it’s not possible to ensure your best-fit accounts will receive the best buyer experience (and thus may not move toward the decision phase along their buyer journey at all). 

Sales and marketing must agree on which accounts to target and stay on the same page throughout the buyer journey. That means they have to agree on: 

  • resource allocation for each account
  • role assignments for a smooth transition from marketing to sales 
  • how they will measure success

It just stands to reason that if sales and marketing teams work together on ABM, they can work together overall—which leads to big benefits for businesses overall.

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It Puts the “I” in ROI

97% of marketers using ABM report higher ROI from their campaigns than those who use other strategies.  

Whoa! That’s an impressive stat indeed. Part of that increase in ROI has to do with team efficiency—and efficiency comes down to tools. Using the right tech stack for ABM is key. Our recommended tools are the following: 

SQL Boost

20% of accounts targeted with ABM become qualified sales opportunities.

If you’re targeting handpicked accounts that are your ideal customers and creating specific content for those decision-makers at exactly the right spot on their buyer’s journey based on data, you’re bound to fill your sales pipeline with more leads that are qualified and ready to have a sales conversation. 

If the percentage of SQLs doesn’t significantly shoot up, you’re missing a step somewhere. 

Everybody’s Doing It

150% is how much ABM efforts are expected to grow amongst B2B companies.

One of the best things about ABM is that everything can be measured – from impressions all the way through close rates (and beyond). 

This data allows teams to see what's working at every stage of the funnel so they can course correct as needed in order to optimize their results over time. 

And when things are that effective, data-driven, and efficient, it’s no wonder more companies are buying in. 


The top statistics of account-based marketing show that it is an effective strategy for targeting specific accounts and businesses. 

When used correctly, account-based marketing can help you to increase sales and ROI, which—let’s face it—are the stats every business is working to boost. 

Impressed by these statistics and curious about whether ABM would work for your business, talk to us. We’re experts on it, and we’re right here.

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