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Discovery Sessions: Setting the Stage for Client Success

by Growth Marketing Firm, on Jun 4, 2020 12:20:00 PM

In marketing, one must learn how to answer two essential questions: Who is your customer (or customers), and what do they value? Many businesses think they have the answer to this question, but we have found over and over in our discoveries that they often do not. This is a fundamental question, and arriving at the correct answer takes a collaborative research and analysis process. When starting our Discovery and Growth Strategy process, our team tailors unique solutions that require insight in order to achieve the very answer to those critical questions. As we dive deeper into the steps toward success in our discovery and growth strategy, this two-part service will provide the resources we need to provide advanced solutions that enable the growth of your business.

Discovery Sessions: Setting the Stage for Client Success

If you’re wondering how we do it well, we fuel our engines with the details we gather through our extensive research process when you book a meeting with our team. With our customized, comprehensive methodology that helps our clients jump-start their growth marketing strategies, this is the first step in growing your business.

The Discovery – Diving Deep For Your Success

Discovery is multifaceted, ranging from full brand discovery to uncovering your challenges, goals, and needs from different expert perspectives. When you book a Discovery & Strategy meeting with one of our experts, we begin the discovery process which allows us to develop a holistic marketing plan built strategically to acclimate us as an extension to your business. The discovery process is the earliest phase in our work with a new client. It is also where initial meetings will be focused on research and analysis, learning the details of the client’s operations, and pinpointing which technologies, tools, and processes would be most successful for them. During discovery, we break it down into 4 categories:

  1. Branding Audit
  2. Marketing Audit
  3. Sales Audit
  4. Service Audit

Initiating and breaking down each objective of your business, an audit with the discovery of root cause as its focus, can, therefore, spark sales breakthroughs and improve marketing & sales ROI. The resulting report will serve as the foundation for all marketing strategies moving forward and is revisited regularly with our team as your business grows and evolves.


The Growth Strategy – Planning is Essential

Much of the success of any business is riding on its marketing strategy. Once our discovery meeting is completed and our team learns about your current marketing infrastructure, we begin the second phase: the Growth Strategy process. Based on the information that is gathered from our first meeting, we develop a unique marketing strategy to help you achieve your business goals. With this portion concentrating on extensive research, we look at your business from your viewpoint. What are their needs, challenges, and desired results? That information is then turned into a ​Growth Strategy document that includes brand rules, keywords, marketing platform viability, and strategy assessment. Once this is completed, our team will schedule a time to review our findings and present three different marketing strategies to choose from within an insightful, goal-oriented growth marketing plan. Taking the time to learn about your organization from the inside out is what our team embraces in each and every initiative.

How Growth Can Help You

Why do Discovery & Growth Strategy? It’s simple, our process enables our team to develop robust insights about your business and your clients that lead to well-written creative content, and analysis. This in turn should then lead to the best solutions possible, whether it includes content strategies, SEO, website build initiatives, or broader integrated marketing campaigns. All in all, these sessions can be a powerful way to help match both of our businesses for a more efficient working relationship.

So, are you ready to incorporate a strategy session into your business? Reach out to us today to get started!

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